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international hapkido championship in Canada 2017/aug/25-27


The 4th Round of International Hapkido & Martial Arts Competitions –

Iran 07/Sep/2018

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The exercises in parks Country

Established a new Office of Hapkido

Judgment class in Iran

president of Hae dong Gumdo Federation in korea

Participation in Guilan coaches' meeting

National Team

hapkido Test in Iran 2018

national team

Hapkido Test In Iran 2018

Thanks G.M Nazhand of good coaches Alborz

Meeting with the Department of General Administration of Sport and Youth

Thanks to Hapkido Grandmaster Satans meeting of appreciation

The presence of national officials in the best of the best

seminar hapkido

Secretary General of the Iranian Martial Arts Federation at the Hapkido Games

president of kido

Member introduction meeting with the President of the Federation of Martial Arts in Iran

president of Hapki yu sul federation in korea

he is Dr Ghofrani Directorate of Sports and Youth Department of Alborz Province

president of world hapkido martial arts federation in korea

hapkido championship in iran

world championship hapkido 2012 in korea

national Team hapkido in the martial arts Festival

Awarded medals for bravery in martial arts sports Board of Alborz Province

Alborz Coaches Meeting on the Hapkido Process

Bravery medal of the President of Martial Arts Federation

Professor Nezhand was elected as the deputy of the martial arts council of Alborz province

G.M Mahdi Nazhand

Guilan coaches meeting

Glorious speech of President of Martial Arts Federation

hapkido tournament in Iran 2018

Hapkido a great conference and honoring of heroes in style

Meetings of martial arts officials and trainers

university afficer in iran

kerman Team

university afficer in iran

Hapkido Festival

Hapkido Afficer Students

Hapkido Festival

Team the Hapkido in iran

Hapkido Festival

seminar big all hapkido in iran G.H.F

Hapkido Festival

university afficer in iran


president of martial arts federation in iran with hapkido team

hapkido championship

Championship Hapkido August 6 2010

Hapkido Coaching

Yaser Arafat & Master Kim

Appreciating GM Seyed mahdi nazhand

prasident of kumdo in Africa

Great martial conference in Alborz Province Fardis

seminar hapkido in iran 2010

hapkido championship

President Of Kumdo Federation in Korea

hapkido championship

President Of martial arts Korea

hapkido championship

G.M Kim Prseident Of Kumdo

championship hapkido in iran

G.M nazhand in championship i iran 2000

championship hapkido in iran

G.M Nazhand

martial arts seminar 2014

G.M Nazhand in Korea Hapkido

seminar in Canada 2014

G.M Nazhand 2000

seminar martial arts in Canada2014

seminar referee2010in Hapkido

hapkido seminar 2014

president of Hapkido G.M lee Sang Ho

Hapkido meeting2014

president of Hapkido G.M lee Sang Ho

seminar hapkido i iran 2014

seminar referee2010in Hapkido

Korean styles the authorities in Iran

seminar referee

Hapkido meeting

championship 2009

G.M Mahdi Nazhand

seminar hapkido 17 April 2010

president of Hapkido in afghanestan

seminar Hapkido in iran -Karaj 2010

Hapkido tournament in Afghanistan

conference Hakido In Karaj

National Championship Martial arts in iran 2013

championship in iran 2008

The second big meeting in style Korean

vice president of Policeman in the championship in iran


Policeman in iran

G.Master Nazhand officials meeting in Alborz Province

seminar in turkey 2004

G.Master Nazhand in the Department of Sports and Youth Office

Korea 2009

G.M Nazhand at the along police chief

Camp serviceman

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