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international hapkido championship in Canada 2017/aug/25-27


The 4th Round of International Hapkido & Martial Arts Competitions –

Iran 07/Sep/2018


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This is G.M seyed mahdi nazhand wcu-faculty chairman of hapkido department .
We invite you to join us as a member  we are active in 3 parts:
Physical education,sport sience and martial arts
We are official international faculty.every year we have world all sports festival.we have many services for federations,organizations and clubs.for mor info visit from our website.

West Coast University (WCU) is a federation of 35 affiliated colleges/centers in 21 countries. These colleges are legal entities to impart education in the countries of their existence. University is incorporated in the Republic of Panama, Central America, under clause 19 of Law 32 of 1927 of Panamanian law. Being a global university WCU has not sought Accreditation in Panama but is accredited by International accrediting agencies. WCU is also incorporated in Costa Rica and its international coordinating centre is registered in Delaware –United States as West Coast University corporation-LLC


Each College has its own organizational & operational system. They select and admit and teach their own students in accordance with university’s approval and most admit diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate students. College representatives sit on the University Management Council.


There are eight Schools, which each form an administrative grouping of Faculties and other institutions. They are: School of Engineering & Technology, School of Business & Management,School of Leadership & Project Management, School of Computer Science & Information Technology, School of Physical Education, Sports, Defense Tactics & Martial Arts, School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences & School of Theology

Sports will be introduced to the people
Exercise will be promoted
Occupation is produced by sports
Sports Become a Mime Brand
We will create opportunities for wealth production against sports.
We will learn how to win sports
Sports will become the industry and enterprise.
Sports have been exposed by people.
We provide the field of sports goods sale.
Sports will be mixed with science
We will develop sports marketing
The people of the sports capital will develop these funds.
Development of sports advertising in the direction of profitability to sports.
The fields of sports, economics and science will be provided.
Introducing Sports Courts to Maintain International Sports Interests.
We will strive to develop the fields of peace, friendship and brotherhood by sport that is the language of nations.

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The 4th Round of International Hapkido & Martial Arts Competitions –

Iran 07/Sep/2018

Date: 07/Sep/2018

Venue: Alborz Province

Term: 2 Days

Commencement: 11 AM

Completion: 8 PM

The global Hapkido Foundation intends to invite whole styles of the world & nations, and bring them together for the purpose of strengthening friendship & unity.

It is our pleasure to meet you in this round of competitions. We claim that all Martial Art Styles, Hapkido and Korean styles could take part in these competitions.

A Brief Description of Iran: Civilization of Iran dates back to 12,000 years ago and it is the oldest and most beautiful & magnificent country of the Middle East. Four-Season whether is the most notable characteristic. Beautiful cities along with very old historical sites make the country very attractive, as far as tourism is concerned. To know it better, or get more familiar with this famous country, please try a search in the internet.

Hapkido in Iran: The Hapkido Martial Art has been established in Iran, by G. Master Seyed Mehdi Nazhand , since 1990. He was the first one who brought this style to Iran, despite very difficulties. Now the style is spread out through the country and it is being taught in most of the military universities.

We invite you take part in the 4th Round of the International Competitions, with the precious prizes and show your abilities.

Hope to see you in the International Hapkido Competitions in Iran.




The Global Hapkido Foundation is seeking to attract active agents throughout the world, in order to develop this martial art.

We respect all our agents and hereby declare that the federation has a global status and covers vast areas of activities under supervision of National Olympic Committee, Ministry of Sport and Martial Arts Federation.

The federation holds amateur and semi-professional competitions worldwide. You may select each section preferred by you, upon your own physical style. Holding stages is main activity of this federation in the world. The techniques are arranged in combination and classified manners.

Weapon training will start from the beginning.

Enrollment is free of charge.

Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions by sending them to the below mentioned e-mail address.

The global Hapkido Foundation is intended to hold the 4th Round of International Competitions at Alborz Province - Iran, on Sep  07, 2018, inviting Chinese, Japanese and Korean styles as well as Hapkido and all other contender martial art teams in following sections:


Self-Defense, Weapon, Drops, Battle, and Weapon Forms


We invite you to take part at these rounds of competitions. The Hapkido Global Foundation aims at creating unity between different nations and countries in the international arenas.

Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions by sending them to the below mentioned e-mail address.


Best Regards

G.Master Mahdi Nazhand

President of Total Hapkido GHF

8 Dan

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