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The 13th Dutch Open hapkido championship in tne Netherlands

April 5th 2015

   **********     the 2th hapkido championship in Korea 5July 2015    **********     HAPPY NEW YEAR    **********    

Hapkido in the Middle East will send the national team to international competitions 2016


the hapkido championship National in Tehran -Varamin

   **********     Alborz Qazvin and Zanjan provinces joined the conservatives Hapkido    **********    

international hapkido championship in Canada 2017/aug/25-27

   **********     world championship mmk hapkido 2017 in U.S.A    **********    
happy New Year and Happy Norooz
   **********     Hapkido International Championships in 2018    **********     Hapkido International Championships in Canada : 2018    **********

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» Agora


This association was built in Iran since 1990 and at

the beginning of way it had a lot of problems that

were solved by the expedience of G.M.Seyed Mahdi 


And could flatten the way of success in 2000 and

could be a formal association by the permitting of

Iran Olympic committee and the athlete org in 2002.

G.M.Najand could learn the way of success &

developing in hapkido and progressed this martial

arts very soon and even hold some global seminars

and take part in many seminars mutually and

absorbed the forces of 19 states of Iran and even

reached the teaching of army forces and army


G.M.Najand could challenge all martial arts in Iran

like: karate, taekwondo, judo &… and even

overtook them and take the police forces and army

university in his hand and it is being taught in most

parts of military army of Iran.

G.M.Seyed Mahdi Najand has developed the


hapkido in Iran in comparison with all martial arts


and Korean styles and the name of this master has


settled in all minds. And it is our all wish that could


see hapkido in the Olympic games



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