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international hapkido championship in Canada 2017/aug/25-27


The 4th Round of International Hapkido & Martial Arts Competitions –

Iran 07/Sep/2018



JULY 4- 6 2019






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» About us

Hapkido is a style of life, to defend from minor & major ambitions. Hapkido is a style of life. This rich martial art is able to help mental & physical growth of human being and create self-constitutes, Self-sufficiency, self-esteem, honesty and vision.
Hapkido not only is a style for making human, but also it is a way of self-defending; a new method for self-defense against invaders. In learning this martial art, learning self-defense is of a high importance, and one should be careful about it. Any minor mistake, may lead to a severe damage. The training type depends of the instructor, you have chosen. Founder of the main & powerful Hapkido in Iran, is nobody except for Master Seyed Grand Mahdi Nazhand, who has initiated the style in Iran, and followed professional trainings, especially in the areas of:
-  Main principles of kicks
-  Principles of impacts
-  Principles of throwing & falling
-  Principles of self-defense type
-  Principles of teaching traditional weapons
-  Principles and rules of meditation
The combined method of teaching Hapkido is taken from similar Hapkido styles of other countries. Grand Master Nazhand travels to foreign countries such as South Korea, Canada, Turkey, Austria, UAE, German, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, USA, and Georgia, frequently and makes others be familiar with the name of Islamic Iran. Now Grand Master Seyed Mahdi Nazhand is famous for being the only one who has introduced Hapkido in its modern from in the Islamic Iran. Grand Master Seyed Mahdi Nazhand is the founder of real professional Hapkido in Iran and Middle East and he has been teaching it in Iran and distant countries for many years. He is introduced as fully authorized agent of Global Hapkido Organization and several other organizations in Iran. Now after several years from growth of Hapkido in Iran, Grand Master Nazhand has managed to teach it in its real level in many provinces, as well as military universities & bases throughout the country.
Also, he has managed to hold two rounds of International competitions and one round of Asian competitions in Iran. Now we will witness holding Global Competitions in Iran, in the year 2013; an event that will show high capacity of Iran in this style of martial arts. As Grand Master Nazhand himself has stated, he will never stop trying in this area, until establishing a great federation in Iran & world. “I want great Iran to be a base for Hapkido Martial art”, he said, and “I will materialize this, because I believe it”.

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