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international hapkido championship in Canada 2017/aug/25-27


The 4th Round of International Hapkido & Martial Arts Competitions –

Iran 07/Sep/2018



JULY 4- 6 2019






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A word or two about the terminology. The Korean language uses a phonetic spelling system (alphabet) that is probably far better than the English language, since there are very few exceptions to any of the rules. BUT. . . since their alphabet is completely different than ours, we need to "Romanize" their sounds. This means that we assign various letters to their sounds in an attempt to allow an English speaking person to approximate the Korean words. This effort is fraught with difficulty since there are several sounds in Korean that just don't exist in English at all. In addition to that problem, consider also that the Koreans have regional accents much like we do (i.e. southern accent, Boston, Bronx, or English.) A mid-westerner will "wash my car", but a Texan will "warsh my car." I've tried to spell things as our Grand Master Kim pronounces them.
What follows are some approximate spellings of the Korean words. It should be pointed out that there is no wrong or right way to spell these Korean word in English, although there are perhaps more commonly accepted ones. The Korean language really has no D or T sound, but some thing in between. This is also true for B and P. This is why you'll see words written with "dt" or "bp".
Clicking on the Yin and Yang (or Um and Yang in Korean) icon will download a WAV file featuring Grand Master Kim reading first the English then the Korean so you can study the correct pronunciation. Each wave file is 150K to 250K and will take about 20-30 sec to download at 28 bps. If you have additional words you'd like to have recorded please email us.

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